Your Favorite Beverage. Hot on Demand.

With just a simple twist, HeatGen unlocks the comfort of a hot beverage with the convenience consumers demand.

The options are endless: your favorite coffee, tea, bone broth, hot chocolate sip-able soups, sake or cider, hot whenever and wherever you want. HeatGen delivers the premium on-the-go experience that Millennial consumers need. When our innovation teams up with your brand, revolutionary things will happen.


HeatGen works simply, safely, efficiently and reliably within the packaging using a solid-state thermal reaction. Our patented technology delivers the solution innovative brands are looking for.

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Fast & Reliable

Heats beverages in less than 2 minutes, and works every time. Simply twist and wait for your beverage to reach the perfect serving temperature.

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Light & Small

HeatGen heaters are lightweight and displace a minimal amount of beverage (10%), allowing for a great consumer experience. It’s  a powerful technology in a tiny package. 

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The HeatGen package is made entirely of sustainable and affordable materials.  All HeatGen packaging is recyclable, both before and after the heater is activated.

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HeatGen’s patented Passive Thermal Control (PTC) dissipates heat away from the package if needed to ensure the heater never exceeds the defined maximum temperature.

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Expand Your Brand

With development complete, HeatGen is already in market tests and launch plans with a number of leading brands. HeatGen is the first and only self-heating technology to meet innovative brands’ criteria for success.


Consumers Want It.

Our research proves it: Consumers are hot for our self-heating solution. They want the portability, the convenience and the quick and easy solution it provides.

HeatGen’s technology is a breakthrough for both the beverage category and consumers everywhere who want to enjoy a hot can of coffee, tea, soup or sake whenever and wherever they please.
— Walter Robb, former Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Current HEATGEN Board Member