Expand Your Brand


By licensing the HeatGen technology, innovative CPG companies can offer a revolutionary convenience to their customers and differentiate their brands with  next-generation of convenience.  Early brand adopters will position themselves as innovators who understand their customer base and continue to deliver what consumers want.


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Increase Sales through Category Growth.

As brand managers know, convenience packaging sells at a premium. Whether it’s coffee, soup, tea, bone broth or hot chocolate, over 60% of consumers have a strong intent to purchase, and 80% say they will buy self-heating products in addition to buying their normal purchases.

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Increased Product Usage through Portability & Convenience.  

Consumers say they’ll use HeatGenie products  multiple times during the day, such as morning commute, at their desks, after school and late-night. Multiple times at multiple places means multiple purchases of your product.  

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The Exponential Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

90% of consumers said they would recommend HeatGen to others. Imagine those moms at the little league game showing a crowd of parents how it works. Or a happy consumer showing off their new favorite beverage to friends with a short video on Instagram. 

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Premium Experience.

Self-heating products allow brands to offer premium products in a shelf-stable format, eliminating the “fight for the fridge” in convenience and grocery channels. HeatGen allows you to create a premium café- or restaurant-style  experience on-demand. Think of it as letting your customers have your beverage “hot when you want it”.



Complete & Integrated Solution

HeatGen offers a complete self-heating solution that integrates seamlessly with conventional beverage filling operations. HeatGen licenses our technology to CPG brands to use and market their branded self-heating beverages. Brands will purchase specially designed can components from HeatGen’s authorized manufacturing partners to turn their current (or future) beverage into a self-heating one. HeatGen also has co-packing partnerships in place for brands to produce products if needed.  

For more information about licensing HeatGen, please contact us.