Connect with More Consumers

Consumers around the globe (especially Millennials) are hot for our self-heating solution. They want the portability, the convenience and the quick and easy solution it provides. Consumers say they will buy it in addition to the products they are currently purchasing, plus recommend it to others. The data is clear — HeatGen holds the key to disrupting premium beverage categories and revolutionizing your brand.


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Consumers are excited about the idea of having HeatGen products in the car, at the office, and while traveling.  Our research shows there are several new, unique use occasions that resonate with consumers, and that consumers can envision using HeatGen multiple times a day, every day.

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Over half of consumers identified the on-the-go convenience of HeatGen as their favorite feature. College students can have it at midnight when coffee shops are closed. Kids can have an easy hot chocolate any time they want. And a few friends can enjoy some warm sake in just two  minutes.

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Large numbers of consumers will purchase HeatGen products because of how easy they are to use. Anyone can operate it with a simple twist. Consumers perceive HeatGen to be an accessible and simple solution for their on-the-go lifestyles.

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Cross-Category Interest

On average, over two-thirds of consumers are likely to buy self-heating products in addition to what they already buy, and almost half of consumers would purchase products from new categories. HeatGen will encourage a soda drinker to try your premium Coffee or Tea product for the first time.



We’ve Done Our Research

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