Self-Heating Technology for
Food & Beverage

With a simple twist of the lid, contents are heated in less than two minutes. The options are endless. From coffee and hot chocolate to sake, ciders, teas, bone broth and sip-able soups, Heatgen delivers the premium on-the-go experience that Millennial consumers demand. When our innovation teams up with your brand, magical things will happen.


Simple, Safe & Solid

HeatGen’s patented energy storage technology heats its contents simply, safely, efficiently and at a controlled rate within the packaging using a solid-state thermal reaction.

How does it work? To activate, consumers twist the lid on the package and a small, lightweight heater provides high-content energy and heat. The end result is a cup of hot coffee or a can of soup, safely heated in the hand of the consumer in less than two minutes.


Easy Peasy

HeaGen_Icons_Artboard 2.png

Remove Safety Seal

HeaGen_Icons_Artboard 2 copy.png

Turn Bottom Lid
to Heat

HeaGen_Icons_Artboard 2 copy 2.png

Wait 2 Minutes,
Pull Top Tab & Enjoy!

Yellow Block.png

Fast & Reliable



Light & Small

Easy to Use

We are so impressed with the technology that HeatGenie has developed, and know that WANHO’s expertise in industrializing and commercializing product forms a perfect strategic alliance. We’re excited to be a part of bringing this unique opportunity to the global market.
— David R. Elliott President of WANHO